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For a certain long period I maintained a website on advice for German students wishing to go to a British Public School, however due to my job taking up most of my time I am now not anymore capable to do so.

I am still very happy to recommend my old school - Lancing College (http://www.lancingcollege.co.uk/).  Even more so since they have risen in the League tables to levels quite unimaginable during the time I attended the College. So if anyone is interested in joining the College, I am more than happy to provide information.

I attended it from 1997 - 1999 after which I gained entrance in Oxford to study Maths. I still maintain good links with the school and some of my old teachers, so I don't claim to have an unbiased view, but can say that I think one is getting good value for money there, in particular if one doesn't want to subject one's kids to a total drill like the one pursued at the top 20 schools. Situated right at the south of England up on the shore it also has a chapel which is widely known and simply beautiful (and great to play trombone in, which I did on several occasions back then).


Lancing College

Please refer to the specialised agencies:

http://www.englische-internate.de/ Till Juergens Consulting ( They referred me to Lancing College and provided very sound advice).

Others include :

www.internate.org by Dr. Detlef Kulessa

http://www.internate-in-england.de/ is run by Dr. Klaus Kampe, who is an ex-Cambridge Lecturer making also a very good impression and has got very good references (including one from the "Welt" Newspaper). The choice of schools seems to be the best available.